By August 11, 2012

The Evolution of the Television

Grunge vintage television With the advancements in television over the years, we have gone from big and bulky to sleek and sophisticated in an amazingly short space of time. When televisions were first made available to the public, they were huge ungainly items with tiny screens. People eagerly sat around, watching history unfold before their eyes. It must have been amazing to experience such events for the first time, even on a tiny black and white screen.

And it seems that time has flown between the enormous units of bygone eras and the large glossy flat screens of the modern world. The miniature monochrome windows onto the world have become gloriously colourful and smooth widescreen panels, where almost impossibly superb images dance before our eyes. It’s hard to imagine what the pioneers of television would think if they could see the TVs of today.

There are even 3D and LED versions available, such as the range of Sharp TVs at K&Co. Three-dimensional televisions have opened up a new world of visual pleasure. In the past, the only place to see 3D films was at the cinema. And even then, the wearing of seemingly ludicrous cardboard glasses with coloured lenses was essential to viewing the images. 3D technology has come so far in today’s world that you can watch 3D TV and films at home, and the cinema’s screens have developed to such an extent that they have you literally jumping in your seat as you are drawn into the images. There are even 70 inch televisions to give you a truly cinematic feel in your own home – just add popcorn!

Some TVs have full high definition capability. And with USB and internet connectivity, the television has experienced a revolution, with innovations that bring crisp and clear images to our eyes with ease.

The TV can even act as your personal jukebox, with a huge variety of visual and music channels available over cable and satellite channels. After years of having to choose between a handful of channels, it can sometimes feel like there is an overwhelming amount of entertainment vying for our attention. But that’s certainly no bad thing – there’s always something to suit everyone.

It’s interesting to see what’s going to come next. What more can the wonders of the television bring us?

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