By December 9, 2011

Tegra 3 Shadowgun amazes

b_500_274_16777215_0___images_stories_reviews_shadowgun_shadowgun-android-game-reviewThe Tegra 3 version of Shadowfun seems to be making waves. The difference in detail and how the water looked alone was impressive. nVidia has released a new preview via Twitter showing more of what to expect. As you will see in the video is the Tegra 3 revamped version, the graphics and detail are incredible and have been improved upon on just about every facet when it comes to the game itself. Aside from the improvements, it’s a pretty bad ass trailer to watch anyways.



Aside from all the details being added and improved upon, you can also see that there are a lot more particle style effects now much more visible (or completely new addition for that matter) in this version of Shadowgun. All the physics have been enhanced as well. This is just a taste of what we will be seeing coming to Tegra 3 devices version soon with games like DaVinci THD and Big Top THD nearing release. No word just yet on when Shadowgun (Tegra 3 version) will land in the Tegra Zone market.

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