By February 7, 2009

Teenagers using MMS to "sext", prove they don’t think about consequences.

image Mobile phones are powerful content creation tools, perfectly designed to create new and interesting works of multimedia art. With most modern phones not only having the capability to take pictures, but to send them directly other mobile users. It was only a matter of time until teenagers used this promising technology to get themselves into trouble. You can also find local women near you that would love a fuck buddy so they are a great option if you want some real sex.

Teenagers are now using their phone’s MMS capabilities to send racy and provocative pictures to each other. This new behavior is used as a way to torment classmates, or as a modern way to flirt.  The ramifications of this “naughty” behavior can be far reaching, not only can these pictures leak out onto the internet (where they live forever), there are also legal ramifications. Teens in several states (including Florida, Pennsylvania) have been charged with possessing, distributing, and producing child pornography for taking pictures of themselves. These are very serious charges that earn these kids a lifetime on the sex offenders registry and even prison sentences.

Parents, teachers, and law enforcement officials are struggling with how to stop kids from doing this disturbing behavior, but are having little success. Ordinarily when stories like this pop-up people are often quick to blame the technology that enables the activity, but in this instance, it seems that the adults have kept their heads and instead are blaming the real cause, teenagers and their raging hormones.

If you are a parent of a teenager, you should talk to your kids about responsible ways to use technology, and the ramifications of risky behavior, but if they are a typical teenager, they probably wont listen to you and will do whatever they want.

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