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TCPJ app for iPhone – review – The Cellphone Junkie Podcast as an app

TCPJ stands for The Cellphone Junkie Podcast and it is the number one cellphone podcast in iTunes. Last week an app has been released with which you can experience this podcast through a separate app, instead of using iTunes and going to websites for show notes etc. Author of the podcast – Mickey – is getting 50% from sales of this app, so we decided to support him by buying and reviewing it here.

After installation the “TCPJ” app appears in the iPhone:

After starting, a splash screen with TCPJ logo appears and then the first screen is this one:

Podcasts are not downloaded but are opened with built-in media player for playback:

Note: there is an option to play in background, whereas podcast is being opened in Safari that can be “closed” (in fact it runs in background) and then you can listen (by streaming) the TCPJ podcast and do other stuff.

You can get list of episodes:

… and “Extras” button appears and it has different functions in various places of this app, for example you can open the website of the podcast:

… that opens in embedded form (but can be opened in Safari too):

… in other places “Extras” menu has these positions:

… including ability to call voice mail:

… and ability to see Twitter feed of the podcast (with use of embedded Safari control, not with use of Twitter API):

Yet in another place “Extras” menu has “view PDF” option:

… that shows in PDF form the show notes:

… you can also set TCPJ podcast logo as wallpaper:

… via a photo roll:

Conclusion: we wish there could be ability to download episodes for off-line listening, but if you have unlimited flat rate mobile data, then you will not notice the difference and this app brings some additional features that allow you for direct access to TCPJ podcast. Anyway: if you like this podcast, then feel free to buy this app, to support it!

Get it here (price: $1.99):

* * * * *

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