By March 19, 2012

Talk Talk Announce Superfast Broadband On BT Network

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to much faster broadband speeds? At Talk Talk’s price you might soon be. You could enjoy video conferencing and other data-heavy activities at a much cheaper price thanks to the best broadband deals. Talk Talk are planning to use BT’s existing 40 Mbps network to offer a much faster 80 Mbps service. Those interested in receiving the new FTTC (‘fibre to the cabinet’ ). The new service will come at a cost of £15 extra per month.

Fibre To The Cabinet can still work on the same connections as the majority of older ADSL lines, however, because it runs on fibre for a longer length of its journey to your home router, it’s much much faster than the older broadband connections.

BT Openreach are happy to “almost double” the download and upload speeds on offer. BT’s upgraded ‘fibre footprint’ is expected to benefit the homes and businesses within the area. The service will also include a boosted 20 Mbps upload speed.

This is perhaps the start of a new trend amongst broadband providers for 80 Mbps packages. Some in the industry have described the new pricing plan as “disruptive” as very fast broadband is generally perceived to be available only at a much higher price point. It seems as if Talk Talk are trying to come out with a game-changer.

The government is supporting local councils in upgrading the whole of the UK’s broadband infrastructure throughout 2012-2013. The extra millions of pounds of funding are hoped to bring the UK’s broadband up to speed with the high speeds commonly found in mainland European countries. You should be able to check if you’re in an FTTC enabled area on the company’s website. The new package doesn’t begin to roll out until April but you can register your interest starting now.


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