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Lastolite Studio Cubelite review video

I frequently get asked about the photos that we use in the reviews here in tracyandmatt, seems that some of you are curious about the equipment and method that we use to take the shots of the review devices.

I thought the easiest way to show you would be to record a video of my setup as well as a bit of a demonstration/review of my new Lastolite Studio Cubelite that I recently started using.

Lastolite Studio Cubelite review

The Lastolite Studio Cubelite


As I mention in the video, I used to use an inexpensive light cube that I bought from eBay. The results aren’t bad, 90% of the photos on site were shot using the cube and my Canon DSLR camera. But I wanted something a little better which is why I ended up with the Lastolite setup. I am certainly not a professional photographer but I am keen to do the best I can so hope that you find these tips useful.


Lastolite Studio Cubelite


Lastolite have two sizes of Cubelite, a 70cm version and, this the 100cm version.

The Studio Cubelite™ is the ultimate solution for product photography and takes our highly successful Cubelite™ concept even further. It allows for control of the light from below and all other directions allowing the photographer to give products that floating look with no shadows if desired. The tensioned diffuser fabric means the reflections on even the most reflective surface are kept to an absolute minimum, whilst the generous front opening can be closed to mask reflections from the camera/operator as well. The patented design also allows you to control the light from underneath by pointing the source up or down into the base unit giving different light distribution effects and creating graduated backgrounds if required.


DPP_0602 DPP_0605

Basic Sample Photos