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Mowing your lawn in the 21st century

Well this is something a little different for a Friday afternoon and heading in to the weekend may well be something that many of us will thing about over next few days…

miimoThe ancient art of garden maintenance has been catapulted into the future, thanks to Honda – the Japanese manufacturer most commonly renowned for its turbocharged motorbikes, sleek autos and that fun ‘Hate Something, Change Something’ TV ad.

Honda’s range of garden products includes the nifty little Miimo, a lawn mower with a difference – think of it as a Henry Hoover for your turf, but with a far more futuristic feel. Every feature of this characterful robotic mower has been expertly designed and refined for a more intuitive, and therefore a more efficient, grass-cutting experience. It can follow random cutting patterns – ideal if yours is a garden with decorative ornaments or fiddly borders that a more cumbersome mower might struggle with. Quite miraculously, it also knows when it needs a top-up of machine food, and will make its own way back to the docking station when the time comes.

The Miimo operates a no-mess-no-fuss policy. It mulches as it mows, and spreads miniscule particles of grass across the lawn, which act as a fertilizer. Over time you’ll notice how effectively this reduces the number of bothersome weeds in your garden. A model helpmate, the Miimo is quiet as well as clean – it will work through the night without making irritating whining or buzzing sounds, so you and your neighbours can get your 40 winks without disturbance.

This one-of-a-kind mower has a thoroughly likeable appearance and mower-personality. It’s polite as anything, and will stop as soon as it touches a person or object, thanks to its touch-sensitive 360 degree floating cover. It’s also safety-conscious, and has three reversible cutting blades made of ductile heat-treated steel. In human terms, this means that if the Miimo ever happens to hit a solid object, these blades will rotate inwards rather than shatter.

Take a look at the Miimo on the Honda website. Alongside a bunch of useful stats and specs that will answer any questions you have before you decide to buy one, there’s also a fantastic feature that lets you drag an image of the Miimo around for a 360 degree view. Making the Miimo twirl will make your day.

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