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Samsung Galaxy Mega unboxing video

Samsung Galaxy Mega Samsung have released a boat load of new smartphones lately, from the Galaxy S4, S4 Mini and S4 Active to the Samsung Galaxy Mega that we are looking at here.

Smartphones are undoubtedly getting bigger and they really don’t come much bigger than the Galaxy Mega. With its 6.3″ screen it stands out as being one of the biggest devices on the market and starts to knock on the ‘phablet’ territory. In fact when does a phone become a phablet anyway?

If you are looking for a mobile device that can perform the function of a smartphone and a tablet in one then the Galaxy Mega may well be worth a look. The 720p screen is great for web browsing and video watching and despite being a sizable device manages to remain extremely slim.

Check out the unboxing and demo video below to see the Samsung Galaxy mega in a little more detail. Our thanks to Clove Technology for supply our review unit.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reviewSamsung have released their second take on the phone tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note II looks a lot like the SIII, and shares many of the same features. However it the Note II an over sized phone or undersized tablet? The Note II is much more than that, daring to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in your pocket and trying it’s hardest to replace all other forms of technology you might use on a daily basis.

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Samsung Galaxy S Advance review

Samsung GALAXY S Advance Samsung have been shooting out all sorts of devices since they got big with the Galaxy S2 and recently under the radar they’ve released the Samsung Galaxy S Advance a couple of months before the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now as I write this, everyone knows the S3 is going to be a BIG seller but i can also guarantee it is going to be one of the most expensive phones on the planet, so I’d recommend at looking at this phone if you’re not ready to be spending nearly half a grand on a mobile phone! Check out my full review below:

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

Samsung Galaxy NexusAt the end of 2011 Google introduced their third Nexus phone and second collaboration with Samsung. Making headlines this device has proved to be one of the important phones of the year and yet another contender to know the iPhone from the mantle. Has Google and Samsung hit a home run or is this their a lacklustre hardware attempt to unleash the latest version of Google’s mobile phone platform, Android?

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Samsung Galaxy W Review

Samsung Galaxy W Samsung have been releasing galaxy phones all over the place recently for all types of people; they’ve got the Note, the S2, the Ace, the Pro, the Gio, the Mini and the Wonder. The Wonder appears to be for those who can’t quite afford an S2 or the Note, but still want a powerful smartphone that can easily handle any day-to-day tasks.

The question is: after reading this review will you be able to find a place in your pocket for the not-quite-a-hyper-phone but also not-quite-a-mid-range-phone phone, huh? Try saying that all three times, quick!


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Samsung Galaxy Note review

Samsung Galaxy Note reviewSamsung recently released the Samsung Galaxy S II which is arguably the best Android smartphone out at the moment (even possibly the best phone in any OS category) but they felt that having this title wasn’t enough, they wanted to own the title of biggest Android Smartphone in the world too. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note’s 5.3″ monster of a screen. The screen is a SuperAMOLED HD screen with 1280×800 pixels producing a PPI of 285 which is quite stunning considering the screen’s size. Behind the hood are an 8mp camera, a 1.4 Ghz Dual Core processor, the ability to record in 1080p and 1GB RAM, so this is definitely one of the leading phones in the market specifications-wise.

However, the big question is: with the 5.3″ screen giving the phone the dimensions of 146.9 x 83mm, is the Samsung Galaxy Note too big to use for daily use, is it too big to be considered a proper phone or should it be considered a tablet with an in-built phone? Well read on to find out my opinion on this quite marvellous handset.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ReviewWe have been waiting for what seems like years for a tablet that Samsung have promising and finally it is here, all 10.1″. The tablet has arrived amidst a barrage of controversy. Luckily, we are in the UK and have been unaffected by Apple’s attempts to murder the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 at birth.

King of Android tablets, iPad clone, Galaxy Tab successor or expensive prettiness the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is could be a lot of things, and here we hope to work out just what exactly it is and if it’s really worth your time and money.


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Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570) Review

samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570The Samsung Galaxy Mini is yet another phone that falls under the successful Galaxy brand that started in 2010 with the Galaxy S by the Korean super giant. The Galaxy Mini is aimed at those who are new to venturing into the complicated world of smartphones and it comes armed with a 3.14″ capacitive touchscreen, a 600MHz, 3 MP camera and Android 2.2 Froyo.  Not scary at all for the new to the world of the smarter phone.

So should you newcomers plonk down the cash for the handset or should you take your hard earned money else where? Is it worthy to use the Galaxy moniker? It may be called mini but is it also mighty? Read on to find out!

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Samsung Galaxy Pro (GT-B7510) review

Samsung Galaxy Pro We all know now that Samsung are a force in the mobile phone industry but we also know that they really like the word ‘Galaxy’ as they seem to use it with every phone they release with the exception of a few. So when I found out that I was to review one of Samsungs’ newest devices, the Samsung Galaxy Pro or GT-B7510 I was a little sceptical of what I might find.

So if you are wondering if this phone stands out from the crowded mobile phone market or whether it just doesn’t cut the mustard then please read on to find out.


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Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) Review

Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung rocked the Android world last year with the original Galaxy S, which quickly became one of the biggest selling phones of 2010. But now the Korean giant has come out with a successor under the originally named moniker, the Galaxy S II. Samsung’s 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, a 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen, a 8MP camera with 1080p video recording and 1GB of RAM are just some of the amazing features packed into the sequel to Samsung’s most successful Android handset to date.

Arguably the most anticipated phone of 2011 but it it is truly worthy of that title? Is this handset a worthy successor to last years model? And can it compete with other dual-core smartphones such as the HTC Sensation?

Well, you’d better read on to find out!



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