By June 27, 2007

T-Mobile USA Launches HotSpot @Home service

T-Mobile USA has just launched its “HotSpot @Home” hybrid GSM / WiFi calling service throughout the US.

HotSpot @Home Handsets

HotSpot @Home Handsets

The GSM to WiFi crossover is a first among the US’ big four carriers, @Home relies on traditional cell airwaves out in the field but switches seamlessly to WiFi when it gets within range of a T-Mobile hotspot or any other wireless router you’ve configured your phone to latch onto.

For the millions of us with less-than-stellar reception in our homes, the service could be a life-saver — and even better, WiFi minutes aren’t deducted from your plan. Launch handsets are the Nokia 6086 and Samsung t409, both of which will go out the door for $49.99 on contract and include a Linksys or D-Link router — both specially designed for @Home service — for free after rebate, though any 802.11b access point should work. The service itself will run $9.99 per month on individual and $19.99 on family plans for up to five handsets.

Really hoping that T-Mobile launch this service in the UK sometime soon. Not having T-Mobile reception at home is the only thing keeping me on Orange at the moment!

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