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T-Mobile USA TEK-onition™

image What is a Tek-onition™, and what does it have to do with T-Mobile? It is my little cute reference to a premonition of tech things to come. This particular TEK-onition™ is regarding a potentially new feature on T-Mobile’s 3G network. Peaked your interest? Details after the click.

OK, let’s get to stating, and making the probability case for the current TEK-onition™:

TEK-onition™ 1 of ?

My techie sense leads me to believe that when T-Mobile USA releases, or announces, their version of the HTC Touch Pro 2, they will also be announcing a new feature for their 3G network…3G video calling.

The Case for Probability

  1. FACT: There appears to be a front facing camera on the most recent leaked images (courtesy of of the TP2 slated for T-Mobile USA:


  2. FACT: This apparent camera is in the SAME position as the known camera in the HTC unlocked version of the TP2, which one can plainly see here (image courtesy of


  3. FACT: Then there is the only other WM device to be released in the US which is designed for the T-Mobile 3G network, the Pharos Traveler 137. This device also has a known front facing camera, as seen here in an image from


  4. FACT: The T-Mobile USA counter parts in Europe already have had this feature working for several years now on their existing 3G network.

  5. OBSERVATION: The addition of 3G video calling seems like a natural compliment to their whole “Stick Together” slogan.

Taking in all the facts, and the obvious observation, it should be quite clear that the probability not only exists, but is also relatively high that T-Mobile will be sporting 3G video calling service this year or soon after.


In conclusion, considering that the facts, and observations support the notion of T-Mobile announcing 3G video calling service, it seems quite probable it will happen, therefore I am making the call now.

There are some who have stated that T-Mobile’s focus should be solely on expansion rather than feature sets. To that I suggest taking a look at T-Mobile’s 2008 Q4 report where it clearly shows they are expanding, and picking up new customers at quite a comfortable rate. Given this fact, it is not unreasonable to suggest that adding the tried, and true service feature is being done in a way which does not grossly interfere with the growth of T-Mobile USA’s 3G network.

Regardless of all this evidence, I do acknowledge that it is still possible that T-Mobile will NOT get 3G video calling service. My money is just currently on my aforementioned TEK-onition coming true more than not.

So, let’s have it. Post thoughts, and please cite verifiable evidence of any factually asserted claims.

Guest Post by John aka Physboy from his site VaracityNation


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