By January 13, 2010

T-Mobile USA Nexus One support tips

Yet more news relating to Google’s new Nexus One handset and yes it’s about the 3G issues!

It seems that T-Mobile USA are beginning to acknowledge that the Nexus One may have some issues when it comes to 3G coverage on their network.

Engadget have managed to get their hands on a screen shot from T-Mobile’s support procedure. One of the first things on the list is ensuring that the customer is not transferred to HTC support as they ‘will not be able to resolve this issue’ and goes on to suggest that the handset is rebooted.


It’s reassuring to know that T-Mobile have at least started to acknowledge the problems customers are having so lets hope that they are soon able to come up with a more permanent solution, otherwise I think we’ll start to see a lot of Nexus one devices returned or else appearing on Ebay!


Don’t forget to check out our Nexus One unboxing video too!


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