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T-Mobile move the goal posts on data


This one came to us via a tip from one of our podcast listeners – thanks Andrei. To cut a long story short T-Mobile have decided to slash their data allowance down to 500mb starting February 1st. Andrei tells us he currently has a 3GB allowance on his Android phone and as you can imagine he is not best pleased with this new news and neither would I be.

Below is the official word from T-Mobile on the subject. Make sure you read the last sentence. It is laughable!

Changes to Mobile Internet fair use policies

T-Mobile is the only operator to give customers the Mobile Internet for a fixed-price. We never charge our customer’s more than they expect for their Mobile Internet in the UK.
Therefore you’ll never need to worry about how many emails you’ve sent, how long you’ve been on-line or the ‘data / GB’s’
Browsing means looking at websites and checking email, but not watching videos, downloading files or playing games. We’ve got a fair use policy but ours means that you’ll always be able to browse the internet, it’s only when you go over the fair use amount that you won’t be able to download, stream and watch video clips.
So Whats Changing? – From 1st February 2011 we will be aligning our fair use policies so our mobile internet service will have fair use of 500MB.
What Does This Mean? – We’ll always let you email and browse the internet and you’ll never pay more than you agree to. We do have a fair use policy but ours is there to make sure we deliver the best service possible to all our customers.  This means that you’ll always be able to browse the internet.
So remember our Mobile Broadband and internet on your phone service is best used for browsing which means looking at your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, BBC News and more, checking your email and looking for information, but not watching videos or downloading files.
If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband.


Nice work T-Mobile. I think you have more than likely just lost thousands of customers!

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