By May 23, 2007

Symantec announces security suite for Windows Mobile

Symantec is set to broaden its mobile security product line by shipping new products designed for Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile devices.

The software will come in two versions: a consumer product called Norton Mobile Security for Smartphones and Symantec Mobile Security 5.0, designed for enterprise users. Both versions will be available May 29, a company spokesman said Monday.

Symantec already sells a suite for phones based on the Symbian operating system, as well as antivirus software for Windows Mobile but these new products will support a much broader range of security features, Symantec said.

Norton Mobile Security for Smartphones will cost US$49.95. Symantec Mobile Security 5.0 will be priced at $79.95(:!:). Symantec will ship a similar 5.0 update to Symbian smartphone software in about six months, a company spokesman said.

Is it just me or does this seem like a real waste of time and money? How many virus outbreaks have their been on Windows Mobile? If this ‘Security Suite’ is as bloated as its desktop brother then I very much doubt it will run on any Smartphone yet made! :crazy: As for the cost, that’s about 10 times more than I would be willing to pay.

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