By June 19, 2011

Swype v3 released for Android

what-is-swype We’ve looked at Swype a few times in the past and for anyone looking for an alternative text entry method for Android phones Swype would be the first keyboard replacement that I would suggest you try. If you’ve never seen Swype before the concept is simple yet genius. You get a ‘normal’ QWERTY keyboard but rather than tap letters as you would with a regular keyboard you place your finger on the screen and trace the path across all the letter in the word without lifting your finger off. With this method of text entry it’s possible to type really quickly.

Today Swype Inc. have announced a major new version which includes support for Honeycomb tablets and WXGA screens.


Swype v3 introduces two major new features PLUS a special version for Honeycomb tablets!

We are very excited to give you a first look at our two newest features: Predictive Tap and Horizontal Word Choice List. Our Tap Correction engine utilizes many of the concepts that make swyping so accurate. Seamlessly go from typing to swyping and back without missing a beat! The Horizontal Word Choice List replaces our popup word choice window, giving users an experience more in-line with evolving Android standards. It also makes dictionary control and word selection faster and easier. We’re also introducing a special Honeycomb-only WXGA version for Android tablets, with features like "moveable keyboard" that you won’t find anywhere else!

Check out our latest YouTube videos for a quick introduction to the new features of Swype v3.0

Head over to the Swype website to learn more.


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