By July 15, 2006

STS-121 Crew leave ISS

[color=#6200AA]The 6 crew memebers of STS-121 crew have left the International Space Station to prepare for the undocking of Discovery from ISS scheduled for 6.08am EDT (12.14GMT). [/color]

[color=#6200AA]Both the Discovery STS-121 crew and the Expedition 13 crew need to perform a series of checks before the undocking takes place ready for Discovery’s two day trip back to Earth.[/color]

[color=#6200AA]In preparation for the undocking the Leonardo multi-purpose logistics module was yesterday returned to Discovery’s Payload bay ready for the return trip.[/color]

[color=#6200AA]Landing is currently scheduled for Monday 17th July at 9.08 EDT (13.08 GMT) at the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Centre. Weather forcasts are also favourable at the moment.[/color]


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