By October 18, 2006

Stop your Smartphone LED flashing

Many of us find the flashing status LEDs on our Smartphones and PocketPCs really annoying. Lots of people place their phones next to them while they are sleeping and LEDs seem to have increased in brightness recently.

LED Control

Realising that this is a problem AKsoft have released a small utility to stop the status lights from flashing. Most Smartphone and PocketPC phone models are supported but some models aren’t fully supported (as the LED’s are controlled by hardware) you can still change the LED “blinking” frequency with this software.

If you want to give it a try then head on over to AKsoft’s website and check out the demo. It’s free for 3 days then you have to pay $1 to continue using it. Sounds resonable!

Note that their site has been down for a little while so you might have to try again later!


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