By July 16, 2010

Steve Jobs on ‘Antennagate’

iphone-antennagate There’s a press conference going on at Apple at the moment and as expected it’s all about the problems with iPhone 4. Well I say all about the problems but in the first part of the ‘show’ Apple state that the iPhone is the number one smartphone and that in 22 days over 3,000,000 (that’s three million) handsets have been sold!

So in what is now being referred to as Antennagate, Steve Jobs confirms that the issue with the signal and reception is not unique to the iPhone and that most, if not all phones, will suffer a similar fate depending in how and where you hold them. In fact the Blackberry 9700 was demo’d as being one of those handsets similarly affected.

Apparently less than one half of a percent of customers have complained about the problem.

Apple are going to offer a free case for every iPhone 4 customer. You’ll be able to register on the Apple site from next week and will receive YOUR CHOICE of case within the range they are offering. If you are not happy you can return your iPhone 4 for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, assuming the phone is undamaged.

As there have also been reported issues with the proximity sensor (I’m seeing this problem!) there will be an update to the OS to address the soon.


This conference is still on-going so we’ll bring you more as it comes in!


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