By August 17, 2007

Sprint announce upgraded HTC Touch

US mobile carrier Sprint have just announced their version of the HTC Touch; The “Sprint Touch”.

Sprint Touch

Sprint Touch

So what’s different about the Sprint version? First of all this is a CDMA version of the model Alasdair reviewed recently. You’ll also get Sprint TV, and Music Store. The music player is Sprint’s Groove Mobile store.

The major advantages the Sprint Touch has over the GSM version is that the processor speed has been doubled: 400 Mhz as opposed to 200 Mhz. The modem is fast EVDO (software upgradeable to EVDO Rev A), not slower EDGE. It’s also been said that when the Rev A upgrade comes, it will activate the built-in GPS, and you’ll be able to use Telenav for GPS navigation.

Sprint have yet to confirm the price for this gadget, but said it’s probably coming in November. These changes will come as a welcome upgrade as many feel that the HTC Touch is somewhat under powered. Where we’ll see a similar upgraded version here in Europe is unknown but I feel it’s pretty unlikely.

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