By February 8, 2011

Sprint announce the Kyocera Echo – with dual screens!


The Kyocera Echo is possibly the weirdest phone I have ever seen. And why do I say such things? Well the Kyocera Echo is a dual screen Smartphone. It is a weird concept but it is happening. Over in the States (Where else would such a device be born) Sprint has just announced this dual screen handset. Think of a Nintendo DS form factor that is a phone, that doesn’t have game cartridges and runs Android.

Now why would you need two screens? That was my first question when I saw the first pics go up on the internet but the manufacturer Kyocera is saying that the point of these two screens is for “Simultasking.” Not multitasking, “Simultasking.” Apparently you can use two different apps on each of the screens or you can use both screens for the same app which could be useful when using Maps or something similar.

The two 3.5″ capacitive screens seem the only outlandish thing on the handset. As the Echo has the now standard 1Ghz Snapdragon Processor, 720p video recording and 5 MP. There is no dual core processor, no 4G radio and no point in being in my opinion. Granted it is an industry first which was advertised by Sprint and two screens could be seen as innovative in some peoples eye’s but not in mine.

Well, even if this handset is appealing to you, you can’t have it because it is on the Sprint network which is CDMA and won’t be coming to the UK as far as we know. My honest reaction, thank god!


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