By May 12, 2009

Speak2Me for iPhone released

With use of the 21st century technology we are scanning Apple store every day for the newly released apps – so that you don’t have to. We will be picking some newly released apps and reporting about them. While we can’t report about all of them – it is literally several hundreds new apps a week – we can cherry-pick some that seem interesting.

Here we are presenting Speak2Me for iPhone that looks like that:


As you can see above, with Speak2Me you can either enter a text to be converted via text-to-speech but you can pick some pre-selected phrases too. Description from the developer:

Speak2Me allows you to type in English sentences and have a computer generated voice speak them for you. Speak4Me is designed for people with speech problems to be able to communicate easily with the world.

Speak2Me has an easy to use list system with categories so that you can easily make up phrases for common scenarios and have pre-constructed phrases ready to go. Whether you are ordering food in a restaurant or asking directions Speak4Me’s versatile list system allows you to group together common phrases for any scenario.

Commentary: while now usability of this application might be a bit limited because iPhone has no copy and paste yet, but with iPhone OS 3.0 that will be released next month, this app might become more usable. Personally we find that this app might be useful also for making prank calls…

Get it here (price $1.99)

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