By June 12, 2010

South Africa on BlackBerry review


You may have heard that there is a football tournament that has just started in South Africa. It’s the one you football fans have been waiting for – the World Cup.

If you happen to be a BlackBerry user, and I know there are millions of you that are, you really should check out South Africa on BlackBerry.

I am not a football fan but after downloading the app from BlackBerry App World (for free) I am pretty amazed at how cool a football app can be.

The purpose of the app is to give you up to date access to the latest World Cup news and in typical BlackBerry fashion this application will notify you of certain events, goals etc.

Diving straight into the app you are immediately shown the matches that will be happening today. As you can see you have various tabs at the top of the app.

Today 1

Under the games fixtures you are presented with World Cup news and clicking on an item will give you more information and photographs.


A click of a game will give you more in depth info or you can scroll over to the Matches tab.

Today 2

Within the Matches tab is a small calendar icon. This will allow you to view any day and you will be shown which matches will be taking place.

The next tab is Teams. As you may expect this is where you can get more info on all the teams taking part in the World Cup.

Teams 1 Teams 2

Above you will see that beside each team is an option to follow. This is where the application gets really clever. Once you select to follow a team you are given a list of notifications and it is just a case of selecting the ones you want. So, as you can see below I have selected that I will be notified each time an England match starts and also when we score a goal. How cool is that!


The next tab along is BBM. This really is just RIM telling you that you can use BBM to discuss the World Cup with your friends.

The last but not least feature is videos.


Once again videos are split into sections which are accessed by tabs.



As I said earlier I am not into football but this is one hell of a great application. If you own a BlackBerry and want to follow the World Cup this app is a must.

Head on over to App World from your device and check it out.

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