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Sony Smart Headset Pro: Review

Sony Smart Headset ProNot having used Bluetooth headphones before (I think) it kind of felt a bit weird at first having no wire running to my phone but I soon got used to the concept and now much prefer things this way.
The Sony Smart Headset Pro offers much more than just your average set of Bluetooth headphones. It has a whole host of features and the combination of these rolled into one neat package is awesome.

Read on to see if these are a worth while purchase.


Features of the Sony Smart Headset Pro:

  • Bluetooth wireless headset with stereo in-ear headphones
  • Make and receive calls
  • See media titles
  • Read text messages
  • Listen to FM radio
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Clip it to your clothing
  • Use your own 3.5mm headphones



In terms of build quality I expected this to be high with it being a Sony product and I wasn’t disappointed. The ear buds are my favorite sort, the soft, thin, rubbery variety.
The wires that connects them to the main device are also made from what feels like rubber and at first they felt a bit odd but once again I grew to like them.



The one feature I missed when doing the unboxing video of the Sony Smart Headset Pro was the LED screen. It was hidden under a sticker and foolishly I didn’t spot it until after recording.
As you would expect the screen is where you choose which music option you are going to use, plus it is vital for setting up new connections and reading SMS. The media controls allow you to toggle between the onscreen options and the Sony Smart Headset Pro will allow for pairing with two devices, so I had it set up for my BlackBerry and my PlayBook.


On the opposite side of the device are the volume controls. These give a proper click when pressed and work just fine without the need to actually look at them if changing the volume.



I mentioned the MicroSD card. The slot for this is situated under a removable cover on one end of the unit. The MicroUSB port lives here too. The silver cover is connected one end to the main device via a small piece of rubber preventing the cover falling off or getting lost. The device comes with a memory stick in the box so just slip the MicroSD card in that, connect to your computer and drop and drag your music onto the card. A nice touch Sony.


With a big spring clip on the reverse side the unit can be clipped onto clothing at a place that suits you best. The clip is designed to give a real good grip on whatever it is attached to so the device shouldn’t and didn’t slip off when using.

The on/off button is located beside the headset jack and to be honest I didn’t like it. With the headphones plugged in I just found it a bit awkward to use. A small thing and no big deal but worth a mention.


In terms of sound quality this thing rocks. You really do get a  premium stereo sound. There aren’t any options in terms of altering the sound such as with an equalizer for example but not a big loss. Most phones have that option anyway.

Music just sounds awesome through the Sony Smart Headset Pro.

Although the Sony Smart Headset Pro does also allow for the reading of text messages this is something I would never use it for. If I get a SMS I want my phone in my hand so I can reply ASAP. It may be a useful feature for some people but not me.



Is the Sony Smart Headset Pro a great gadget?: Yes
Is the Sony Smart Headset Pro a great alternative to a wired headset?: Yes
Is the Sony Smart Headset Pro worth the price tag of £78.00?: Yes

Does Clove want it back from me?: I hope not!

You can order the Sony Smart Headset Pro from Clove here.


Reviewed by: James

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