By August 5, 2008

Sony goes Eco-friendly

With environmental issues topping the media agenda in the public consciousness, electronics companies must be seen to be changing their approach to product design as well as adapting their manufacturing processes.

Sony has been working hard to address environmental issues company-wide and these efforts have been recognised in Europe, with Sony the first consumer electronics company to be awarded the EU Sustainable Energy Award (in 2007).

The latest BRAVIA TVs from Sony have been specifically designed with the environment in mind. New features have been developed with the aim of raising current industry standards, to ensure that everyone benefits in the future.


Auto Power Off

Recent media coverage has highlighted the power wasted by TV sets being left on unnecessarily. Sony already has an auto shut off function in its BRAVIA TV range which will turn the set to standby mode after ten minutes if there is no input signal. Typically, this means a reduction in the amount of power required from 169W to just 0.3W. While your TV might turn itself off for you, don’t forget to switch off your stereo as well – playing music to an empty room isn’t going to help the environment, or your neighbours’ ears!

Light Sensor

To help reduce power usage, all BRAVIA models are fitted with brightness sensors. This means that the TV reacts to how dark a room in and automatically adjusts its own picture settings to lower power consumption without having any impact on the viewing experience – making for an overall ‘greener’ showing. Just imagine how much energy could be saved if TVs around the world could do this.

Recycled Materials

Around 10% of all Sony Products are made from recycled materials. In 2006, the 16,000 tons of plastic Sony re-used made it one of the industry leaders in using recycled plastics. It also helped reduce CO2 emissions by around 18,000 tons – the equivalent of almost 3000 fully grown male elephants!

Power Saving Modes

One of the areas Sony is currently exploring is how to reduce the amount of power required to run a television. BRAVIA TVs now come with power-saving modes as standard. Not only do these modes lessen the TV’s environmental impact but they also help reduce the cost of running it. So, save it all up and you can take your other half out for a romantic meal. Or just spend it on yourself.


So what’s your take on these environmental issues? Have you changed your behaviour at all? Drop us a line.


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