By August 21, 2008

Sony Ericsson C902 overview

C is for Cyber shot!!!

sony ericsson front The Sony C902 claims to capture memories for you to share with your friends and family…surely most mobile phones do this? How do the great camera features on this phone compare to others?

Well perhaps it the 5.0 mega pixel camera and video; but this is a common feature of mid-range Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The C902 is set to revolutionize camera phones with face recognition, Bestpic and Photo fix applications using the camera hidden by a sliding lens cover.

Ok so maybe this phone is a digital camera with a mobile phone attached? With the amazing camera features, have other features been sony ericsson backcompromised?

This mobile boasts 160mb internal memory and functions such as track ID, Google maps and HSDPA support, taking 3G to a new level.

With its lightweight, compact structure it is a great step up from earlier models and users will be glad to see the old keypad replaced with a four way navigation pad. With the 2.2 inch screen, the eight touch sensitive keys surrounding the case bring this phone up to speed.

If you’re in the market for a camera phone this is a fantastic option! As an alternative, opt for an earlier version such as the K850i as you will get the same camera features minus the fancy touch sensitive camera keys!!!

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