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Sony announces 2 new headphone ranges

Sony has today announced two new headphone ranges; the BT and the EX ranges.

EX range: The fun, affordable EX range of in-ear headphones includes the MDR-EX33LP, which will be available in five colours and come with hybrid silicone earbuds. Additionally – in the UK and Germany only – Sony have also today announced the MDR-EX500LP/ MDR-EX300SL headphones. The premium closed-type in-ear headphones deliver studio quality audio through a vertical in-ear design with new hybrid silicone earbuds for secure fit and long-term wear comfort.

BT range: The DR-BT160AS Bluetooth Stereo wireless headphones stream crisp audio from any Bluetooth compatible device, perfect for active lifestyles.

More details in the press release below:

Would you like to experience the ultimate in studio-quality audio wherever you are? Need a sports-oriented Bluetooth™ Stereo headset without any wires to keep pace with your active lifestyle? Or maybe you’re ready for a great-sounding headphone with cool, fun looks to match your lifestyle.

Whatever sounds right, you’ll find it with latest additions to the Sony range of beautifully styled, comfortable in-ear headphones.

MDR-EX500LP / MDR-EX300SL in-ear headphones

  • Premium closed-type in-ear headphones deliver studio quality audio
  • Vertical in-ear design with new hybrid silicone earbuds for secure fit and long-term wear comfort
  • Innovative multiple layer diaphragm prevents resonanace and distortion
  • Newly-developed 13.5mm EX driver unit for truer sound with wide dynamic range and deep bass
  • Individually hand-tuned for ultimate sound quality (EX500LP)


Sony MDR-EX500 headphone construction

Two new in-ear headphones make studio-quality sound accessible to anyone who’s ready for a dramatic step-up from their MP3 player’s supplied phones.

The top-flight MDR-EX500LP delivers the ultimate in precision monitor quality audio. The latest addition to Sony’s popular EX Monitor Series of in-ear headphones features a newly-developed 13.5mm driver unit that’s oriented vertically in the ear for comfortable extended wear. This innovative Sony design provides an extended low frequency response with excellent sensitivity, smooth, powerful bass and a wider dynamic range.

The MDR-EX500LP’s large driver is complemented by an extremely stiff multi-layer diaphragm. As well as improving high frequency response, this reduces unwanted resonance for ultra-pure, uncoloured sound.

A new-shape silicone earbud offers an extra-comfortable fit, even for extended listening periods. The novel hybrid design features a soft, flexible outer structure that fits snugly in the ear. It surrounds a rigid inner core made of harder silicone that resists deformation to ensure that sound quality remains unimpaired.

Reflecting Sony engineers’ dedication to perfect sound, every MDR-EX500LP unit is individually hand-tuned in the factory to achieve the ultimate sonic performance.

Also in the EX Monitor Range, the MDR-EX300SL features a large 13.5mm EX driver unit, offering very high quality sound at an even more attractive price. Already available, the range-topping MDR-EX700LP introduced the original vertical driver design. It’s combined with Sony’s innovative multi-layer diaphragm inside a 16mm driver unit – the largest of any in-ear headphone design – to reproduce the clearest, most pristine audio.

MDR-EX33LP and MDR-EX35LP in-ear headphones

  • Fun, affordable in-ear headphone with great Sony sound quality
  • EX33LP available in five high-fashion colours; EX35LP three colours
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds for secure fit and long-term wear comfort
  • EX33LP includes extra-small earbuds for smaller ear sizes
  • 9mm EX driver unit for wide dynamic range and deep bass
  • Convenient cord adjuster and cord slider to prevent tangling

MDR-EX35 black

Sony MDR-EX35LP headphones


Now every music lover can express themselves with a fresh, colourful choice of headphones to match their personal style. Featuring new-look pearlescent and metallic colours, the funky MDR-EX33LP is available in five stylish colour variations (pearlescent white, metallic blue, pink, silver, gold).

The affordable MDR-EX33LP delivers crisp, clear, low distortion sound with a wide dynamic range thanks to its high-quality 9mm diameter EX driver. Like other models in the new EX headphone range, a specially developed new hybrid silicone earbud assures extra-comfort wear.

The choice of three supplied earbuds includes a Super Small sized bud that’s a comfortable, more secure fit for girls and younger music fans. The cord slider prevents cord tangling, and a handy cord adjuster is also supplied to control the length of the cable.

Sharing the same 9mm EX driver and hybrid silicone earbuds, the MDR-EX35LP features sleek, contemporary looks and is available in a choice of black, white or red colour-ways.

DR-BT160AS / DR-BT160IK / DR-BT14Q Active Bluetooth Wireless headphones

  • Wireless Bluetooth Stereo headset for sports and active lifestyles
  • Convenient fingertip control of MP3 player functions
  • Take wireless calls from Bluetooth phone with inbuilt microphone
  • Dual support design with soft elastomer hanger for comfortable, secure fit
  • Available as a kit with Bluetooth dongle for iPod


Sony DR-BT160AS headphones


Now you can enjoy superb sound from your Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth WALKMAN®, or other Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player without a tangle of cables while you’re rushing around, jogging or working out.

The DR-BT160AS Bluetooth Stereo wireless headphones stream crisp, wide bandwidth stereo audio directly from any compatible Bluetooth music source. The light, easy to wear headset also features an in-built microphone so you can take hands-free calls from your Bluetooth mobile phone without breaking a sweat… whether you’re pounding the pavement or the treadmill.

The splashproof, street-smart design features a soft elastomer hanger for a comfortable, secure fit on your ears. The sliding earpiece shaft can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of ear sizes.

No-one needs the distraction of fiddling with their MP3 player’s controls when they’re exercising. The DR-BT160AS makes it easy to skip tracks and to adjust volume and other music player functions using convenient controls on the side of the headset.

The DR-BT160iK kit teams DR-BT160AS headphones with the TMR?BT8iP Bluetooth dongle, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your iPod®.

Also available, the DR-BT140Q ear-clip headphone offers great audio quality from your Bluetooth music player, with a comfortable clip-on fit and fingertip control of player functions.


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