By February 19, 2008

SoliCall Launches Enhanced Version for Mobile Phones

SoliCall is now launching an enhanced version of it’s VoIP noise reduction software for mobile phones.

SoliCall announced today the release of SoliCall Mobile – an enhanced version of its unique personalized noise reduction technology for Windows Mobile.

Too often, an important call catches you on your mobile in a bad time: whether a client just called in the middle of your lunch in a noisy restaurant; your wife can t hear a word you re saying calling from that crowded mall; or your boss phones you when you are driving your kids to school.

With SoliCall Mobile you will be able to customize your cell phone not just with your favorite ringtones, music and wallpapers. SoliCall Mobile offers an innovative solution, different from the ordinary solutions available on today s mobiles. SoliCall identifies the voice of the specific speaker and reduces all other background noise.

SoliCall Mobile is targeting mainly manufacturers of mobile phones and mobile VoIP providers. Manufacturers, operators and end-users alike will enjoy its benefits: better sound quality and improved customer satisfaction; reduced power consumption which will increase battery life; and lower OPEX for the operators by reducing the required bandwidth to handle phone calls.

The SDK offered by SoliCall works on Windows Mobile and can be easily integrated as part of the audio path. Ideally the SDK should be placed in the audio path between the AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and the CODEC. More than a dozen leading telecommunication companies have already shown interest, among them some of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers.

SoliCall’s technology has been commercially available on other platforms since mid 2007. There has been a strong demand from individuals and users of SoliCall who would have liked to have this valuable feature on their mobile phones, says Adam Moore, Director of Business Development for SoliCall (Ltd.). With the cooperation of the manufactures, that are already running field tests, this will soon be possible. We expect that SoliCall Mobile will increase end units sales, and be especially attractive for the business community, for which the quality of the calls is in first priority.

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