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Sky and Sony launch GoView PSP video-on-demand

goview Sony and Sky have teamed up to deliver a video-on-demand service for the PlayStation Portable. Go!View on PSP has just gone live in the UK and Ireland, and offers users a range of content including TV shows, movies and sport for playback on their PSP.

image Once subscribed users can download content to PCs and transfer it to PSPs for viewing.

Agreements have been made with Disney-ABC-ESPN Television, BBC Worldwide, Sony Pictures Television International, NBC Universal International Television Distribution, National Geographic and Sky Sports.

The service is broken down into Comedy, Sport and Entertainment packs which are available by monthly subscription, while selected movies and TV series can be rented.

Subscription packs are priced at £5 for one pack, £8 for two packs and £10 for all three packs.

Rental TV is available from £1.50 per episode, and movies are available from £2.50 each.

When registering for the service, customers will receive one month’s free subscription.


How does GO!VIEW work?

The Kontiki program is designed to be a very secure peer-to-peer technology. It uses advanced encryption technologies and security methods to ensure that the delivery grid is safe to use. Other users of the network CANNOT access your PC. All videos are virus-checked before they are introduced to the grid. Only shows that are part of the GO!VIEW service can be transferred over Sky’s Kontiki grid. The Kontiki program is designed to run in the background and not interfere with other activity on your PC. This means that it will slow down its own activities while you’re using the internet for other things, including using GO!VIEW, or browsing the internet or using your email.

What can I watch?

A combination of Pay Per Video (Movies and Latest TV) and Subscription (three packs: Sports, Entertainment and Comedy). There may also be some free content, as well as trailers. All content, except for trailers, can only be viewed on the PSP.

How much does GO!VIEW cost?

Subscription packs are £5 for one, £8 for 2 and £10 for all three. Pay as you go videos will be priced on an item by item basis

How do I pay for videos?

You can either pay with your pre-pay wallet ( if you don’t have enough funds in your pre-pay wallet, an option to add funds will be displayed), or pay with the card details stored on your account, select the option you wish to use and click ok. You are only charged for videos successfully transferred to your PSP.

How does pre-pay wallet work?

The GO!VIEW payment account is an online account that enables you to register your payment details so that you and your family can pay for GO!VIEW programmes in a safe and convenient way. Your payment details will be securely stored and will not be accessible to any third party.

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