By February 3, 2010

Should Netbooks have vibrate?

acer-mini-netbook-black Ok this is probably one of those random posts where the title probably requires a little more of an explanation.

Regulars will know that I’m a train commuter, I travel by train in to London every day and get the first train in to London every day. As it’s such an early train more than half of the people are asleep and the remainder work feverishly on their laptops, presumably finishing off the work they should have done at home the night before. The regulars know to turn their phones and laptops to silent while the casual travellers get shot scornful looks from the rest of us when their phone rings and plays the Nokia tune at 105 decibels.

I sit there with my netbook on my lap posting news to the site or going through email got me to thinking; Wouldn’t it be good if netbooks had a vibrate function when you set them to silent. Seemed like a good ideal to me, thinking it would be useful for netbooks more than notebooks as netbooks tend to be more handheld or lap-topped.

So would this be useful? For me it probably would be but how about others? Thoughts anyone – feel free to point out that I’m being daft via the forum!


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