By December 31, 2008

ShopSavvy, A great application from the Android Marketplace

image Shopping wisely has become incredibly easy for G1 users.  ShopSavvy is a really impressive application that is offered in the Android Marketplace.  It basically works like this – Lets say you want to find the best deal on a Beatle’s “Love” CD.  It gives you the option to either scan the barcode of the CD by using the G1’s 3.0 megapixel camera or by manually typing the item’s name.

After scanning the barcode, it gives you a list that consists of these options:  “Web”, “Local”, “Reviews”, “Save to Wish List”, and “Alert when price is.”  As a result, it turns out that the CD that was bought for $13.99 for can be found online for only $5.99!   It gave a total of 30 results of online stores and 18 local stores.  It can be locally purchased for $13.88 and it even gives you a map, directions, and phone number of the stores where you can purchase it!   How convenient! You can find out more information here or download it directly to your phone using the Android Marketplace application.

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