By July 29, 2010

Security software expert BitDefender confirms UK launch for 2011 range

bitTotal Security 2011 is available from August 2010 with speed and personalisation enhancements to give customers superior online protection.

BitDefender®, an award winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, has confirmed its latest range of powerful security software will be available in the UK from August 2010. The BitDefender 2011 range will offer comprehensive protection against the latest viruses, spyware, phishing and identity theft attacks and will comprise of Total Security, Internet Security and Antivirus Pro.

The new range offers a personalised experience and builds on the profiling concept in BitDefender 2010. BitDefender’s unique Adaptive Design user interface allows consumers to customise their dashboard to match their unique needs as well as create shortcuts to gaming or laptop modes, further optimising how BitDefender interacts with the system and network. Additionally, performance optimisation features help users keep their entire system safe without slowing down other applications and processes.

"Security isn’t simply a matter of locking everything out; it’s a series of carefully managed choices, balancing the needs of users with the realities of the digital world. Connectivity has taken the personal computer into new realms – online gaming, e-learning, collaborative workgroups – launching a new era of personal security," said Vince Hwang, BitDefender Global Director, Product Management.

"BitDefender 2011 products address this significant change in the security landscape by continuing to provide superior protection from online attacks, while offering major improvements to system performance and the ability for users to personalise their settings to best match their individual style and needs."

BitDefender 2011 is designed to offer users a simplified experience and fit the differing needs and behaviour of the individual with lots of information to answer questions about online security. Total Security 2011 includes antivirus, firewall and network management tools, file encryption, online back-up and automatic hourly updates for a superior level of protection. Other BitDefender Total Security 2011 enhancements include:



  • Enhanced Detection – Every product in the BitDefender 2011 family provides multi-layered, proactive technologies to hunt down and eliminate the latest threats in seconds.
  • Quick Scan – The inclusion of the Quick Scan feature means better detection and improved response time to the most frequent and riskiest activities on the computer.
  • Search Advisor – The entire product line includes phishing warnings for search results and safety ratings for all websites that may contain spyware or inappropriate content.


  • Smart Scan – Optimised scanning technology skips known safe files for faster scan speed and lower system load. It prevents slowdown by adjusting settings to match available memory.
  • Enhanced Game and Laptop Modes – Special task modes ensure seamless and secure computing, prolong battery life, or reduce system load and interruptions by delaying requests during favourite activities.


  • Adaptive Design – The new Adaptive Design user interface streamlines installation into push-button simplicity and allows users to choose Basic presets or move beyond to Intermediate or Expert settings.
  • Dashboard Shortcuts – All BitDefender 2011 products enable users with specific needs – like parents and gamers – to create their own dashboard and shortcuts to frequently-used functions.
  • Smart Tips – BitDefender now includes a series of personalised suggestions, warnings and safeguards that are relevant to the user’s recent activity.


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