By July 31, 2013

Say Bingo! With the Best Mobiles for Online Gaming

Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayNokia N95htc one X With online gaming sites like Jackpotjoy increasingly making their online content more mobile-friendly, it’s now easier than ever for gaming fans to access an ever-widening range of gaming experiences on the move. As the UK’s favourite online bingo destination, mobile gamers heading to the Jackpotjoy bingo site are not only greeted by an array of fun games variants, but story slots and more. However, some places are restricted by the aforementioned website. But the good thing is that there is still another source of bingo games like, which offers quality gaming experience and is quite popular globally.

With the selection of content on the increase, and the in-game graphics, sounds and features improving in quality all the time, when you’re playing on the move you want a phone that can keep up, to deliver the best mobile gaming experience possible. Thankfully, today’s smartphones and mobiles are more than capable of doing just that. In the space of a few short years they’ve gone from being simple communications devices to gaming powerhouses.

So for those looking for a little fun-on-the-go, we’ve take a look at some of the best mobiles out there right now, from bargain to high-end.

HTC One X+

HTC’s One X+ has Featuring a powerful 1.7GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, the HTC One X+ offers up best-in-class gaming capabilities in a smartphone format. The fact that this phone’s processor is a Nvidia means you’re also given access Tegra Zone, and that means a whole range of apps with upgraded graphics is at your disposal. Add to this the supremely beefed-up battery – a 2,100mAh battery that’s far superior to the one the HTC One X came equipped with – and you have even longer gaming power. We also love that fact that the LCD screen gives a a top notch 720p, so those graphics always looks clean, bright and crisp.

Nokia N95

Consistently rated one of the top ten best mobile casino phones in recent years, the Nokia N95. Truly revolutionising the smartphone market when it first appeared (and with an eye-watering original SIM-free price tag of £630 to boot), it wins points for its Symbian operating system, which has earned the reputation of being the most reliable OS for mobile. We like that you can plug in heaphones as well as stereo speakers, for better gaming sounds, and a nicely textured keypad makes navigating your way round bingo and gaming sites a cinch. This is one for players looking to invest in a great all-rounder – offering up superior Sat Nav, phone, connectivity, media player and camera capabilities.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

At the more affordable end of the smartphone market (around £100-£150 SIM-free), this phone is an all-out appeal to the serious gamer. A much-hyped PlayStation phone that features a slide-out gaming interface, it’s the only phone on the market that features gaming controls straight out of the box without the need for extra accessories. With a 1GHz processor it’s fast and fun, runs all Android games, offers access to 32-bit PlayStation games, and is equally adept at handling touch-screen online games like Jackpotjoy bingo too.

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