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Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that we’ve looked at several video cameras in Sanyo’s Xacti range and most recently we reviewed the Xacti HD1010. I have to say that I really like the Xacti cameras, they are really well specified, are small, light and easy to use. Most importantly the quality of the recorded video is really good. I’ve been using the HD1000 to record unboxing videos for about 6 months and really like it. It’s convenient to be able to take the SD card from the camera and pop it in a card reader to copy the video to the PC for editing.


The Sanyo Xacti HD2000


Despite have the same external look the new Xacti HD2000 has a number of improvements over the HD1000 and HD1010. First of all the optical zoom has been up rated from 10x to 16x (it remains 10x for stills) the CMOS sensor is now 8.1 megapixels which allows you to take 8 megapixel stills without interpolation. Face chaser has been updated and can now track and focus on 12 faces in a shot.

Perhaps the most important change, though, is that full HD 1080p recording has been upped to 60 frames per second from 30 fps. It’s pretty unusual to have 60fps on a consumer grade camcorder and even more unusual on a camera this small. If you want to shoot Full HD at 60FPS though make sure you’ve got a high capacity SDHC card and make sure it’s a good quality fast one as that’s a lot of data to be recording!

As with the HD1010 I’ll be spending some time with the HD2000 and will be using it for some of our unboxing videos. I’ll also record some other sample footage to share with you.

I’ll leave you with the HD2000 unboxing video below. As you can see, you get quite a lot in the box!


Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video (recorded with Xacti HD1000)


Sanyo Xacti HD2000 specification:


  • Zoom: 16x optical
  • Resolution: 5.31Mp (HD)
  • Definition: High
  • Scan method: interlaced & progressive
  • File type: MPEG-4
  • Image size: 1920×1080
  • Focus types: Continuous area AF, manual
  • Minimum illumination: 2lux
  • Monitor: 2.7in TFT LCD screen
  • Interface: HDMI, component, S-video, composite
  • Formats: NTSC, PAL
  • Power: Li-Ion battery


  • Zoom: 10x optical
  • Resolution: 8Mp
  • Sensor size: 1/2.5in
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Image size: 3264×2448
  • File type: JPEG
  • Sensitivity: ISO50-3200
  • Storage: SD/SDHC
  • Focus types: 9 point AF, spot
  • Normal focusing: 50cm-infinity
  • Close focusing: 1cm-1m
  • Metering types: Multi, centre-weighted, spot
  • Exposure compensation: /- 1.8EV in 1/3 step increments
  • Shutter speed: 1/2-1/1000sec
  • Flash: In-built
  • Monitor: 2.7in TFT colour screen
  • Interface: USB 2.0 via docking station (included)
  • Power: Li-Ion battery
  • Size: 112.6x90x54.5mm
  • Weight: 311g (inc. battery and card)

Full specification can be found on the Sanyo Website.


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