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Samsung i600 dust!

Let me start by saying that I really like my Samsung SGH-i600, it’s the device that I use the most and has finally restored my love of smartphones! My vanilla i600 doesn’t suffer from the ringtone and alarm problem that seems to affect the Orange version of the device and now that I have an extended battery I get several days use out of it before having to recharge.

There is just one problem that I have with my Samsung i600, and it’s pretty significant. I’m talking about the dust under the screen! I know that I’m not the first to mention this but up until about a week ago I was unaffected by the problem, however, all of a sudden a have LOTS of dust under the screen.

Samsung i600 Dust!

Samsung i600 Dust!

As you can see from the picture above, I’m not talking about just a few specs but quite a large quantity of dust. There are times when you don’t notice it and it’s more evident when the screen is off but there are also times when daylight hits the screen just right and all you can see is dust!

I gather that Samsung is aware of the problem and will replace your i600 if you request, but the device that they will replace it with will suffer the same fate soon enough as they aren’t actually fixing the problem. It seems to be that there is no seal around the LCD and dust is able to get in through the charge/sync and microSD card sockets.

Dust under the screen is nothing new to Smartphones or mobile phones in general, I seem to recall the earlier SPV devices having exactly the same issue in the past but I thought we’d gotten past such ‘school-boy’ design faults.

If you have an i600 please let us know if your device is affected!

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