By February 15, 2010

Samsung Wave


Having a quick play with the Wave today I see why Samsung are so excited about it. The Super AMOLED screen is gorgeous, playing Need for Speed Shift felt like it was on the PSP, minus the control method. The chap would allow me to take any picture of the Need For Speed demo unit and the game ran with a disclaimer in the corner suggesting it wasn’t the full release edition. He did suggest I take a picture of some pre-rendered stock shots but I wouldn’t waste your time with those. Why Samsung is not allowing this to happen is a little bizarre as it was the most impressive thing about the phone.

Otherwise, the Wave is another 5 mega-pixel slab with Twitter and Facebook integration. Bada itself is nothing amazing. I feels like just another stock OS that will lag behind iPhone, Android etc when it comes to support. The 1Ghz processor keeps things speedy and if games but I don’t think the world will go mad for it, especially when it will blend in with all the other Samsung device they have released in the last year.

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