By August 23, 2009

Samsung InstinctQ Pictures Leak!


When the Samsung InstinctQ was first seen getting its Wi-Fi certification, there was immediate Android speculation. With the Instinct brand the phone is obviously Sprint-bound but beyond separate release date rumors of October 11th and early November, almost nothing is known about the mysterious device… until today.

An anonymous tipster performed a heroic act by hitting up our inbox with 4 beautifully delicious photos of the Samsung InstinctQ – the first pictures of the device seen publicly:


We finally think we know why the InstinctQ has that “Q” tacked onto the end of it… QWERTY anyone? This would be the first phone in the Instinct line with a hard keyboard and only the 2nd overall Android Phone with a hardware keyboard:


Clearly running Android with all the hardware buttons (home, menu, back, call, end, Dpad) that you would expect on an Android device. That white rubbery “bumper” of sorts on the top looks a bit odd, but beyond that, I’m really liking what I see here!



Wowzers… if both the Samsung InstinctQ and HTC Hero launch on Sprint October 11th, that will be an AWESOME day for Sprint, their customers and Android alike. Based on what we see above it appears the InstinctQ is a Google Experience phone and we already know that the Hero is rockin’ HTC Sense. One has a hardware keyboard and the other is full touchscreen.

Sprint will have two very different Android Phones to please two different kinds of consumers… but can we have one of each, Santa? I can’t wait for the specs on this bad boy to be unearthed because I think a LOT of people are going to be feeling this phone… are you?

If you sign up for the Samsung InstinctQ newsletter on the Samsung InstinctQ Review Page, we’ll make sure to Email you the moment it is available for purchase. And if you’re interested in talking to other phandroids more in depth, hit up the Samsung InstinctQ Forum!

[Thanks Andy via source at Phandroid]

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