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Samsung i780 Windows Mobile 6.1 update

image At long last Samsung have seen sense and announced that the i780 front facing QWERTY Windows Mobile Professional device will be getting an update to Windows Mobile 6.1. When we reviewed this device it was excellent and the only thing stopping me from buying it was that there was no update to 6.1. Now that has changed this will be my Windows Mobile device of choice. They state that the i780 will be available with 6.1 from November as part of the BizBee branding.

Samsung launches its new business smart phone brand ‘BizBee’, an aspirational family name for its new range of designer business mobiles. The smart phones will target the busy executive, who requires a business mobile that offers optimum performance, 24/7, from any location.

The BizBee name is designed to drive awareness of Samsung’s new smart phone range in the business community and ensure consistency in marketing communications. The target market is business people looking for the ultimate solution for their busy, professional lives. In particular, this target segment requires all-in-one connectivity, email and applications, a QWERTY keyboard and increased business productivity. A typical BizBee consumer is passionate about business, a heavy mobile phone user and frequent traveler.

An exciting campaign combining advertising, digital activity and media outreach will launch the strapline ‘BizBee – Business Unlimited’. The print ads showcase a lady sitting in a desert location; she is obviously some way from her office, but she is connected to her work via her BizBee handset. The slogan is simple – ‘This is my office’.

“The launch of the BizBee brand range will enable easier communication for executives with busy lives. In order to penetrate the business market further and strengthen our position in the smart phone category, we are delighted to launch the new BizBee brand, and the first of the products within this range,” said Young Chul Park, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics Europe.

“This is one of the most exciting new brand campaigns Samsung has launched to market. The first BizBee phone, the Samsung i780 will be refreshed with Windows Mobile 6.1 in November. The BizBee smart phone range enables passionate and ambitious businesspeople to maximise their performance and ensure they are connected to the office, anytime anywhere.”

The campaign, which includes print and outdoor media components, will launch in Europe. The first print ads are scheduled to run in 10 European countries in November/December 2008.

The Samsung i780 is the first product from the BizBee range to be introduced in Europe, initially in the UK, Nordics, Spain and Netherlands. The Samsung i780 is specially designed with a larger screen to enable document viewing and amending. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and comes with an optical mouse and stylus, as well as full QWERTY keyboard. The all-in-one functionality of the Samsung i780, which combines email, connectivity and applications, will be particularly appealing to the global business traveler, who is looking to maximize his performance and stay in touch with the office, regardless of location.

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