By July 27, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II coming soon to Clove in White

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The chaps at Clove have given us a shout this afternoon to let us know that the popular Samsung Galaxy S II will be available in White from approximately 15th August.

Loads of iPhone fans waited for a long time for a white version so I am sure this new white Galaxy S II will be just as popular.

If you have not read our review of the Samsung Galaxy S II you can do so here.

Or alternatively here is Patrick’s conclusion if you have not got the time to read the whole thing now.

The Android space was dominated by the Galaxy S last year and I expect that this year the entire mobile space will be dominated by it’s successor. The hardware on the Galaxy S II won’t be beaten for quite some time (perhaps until this time next year) only to be matched by the HTC Sensation and maybe by the as yet unannounced new iPhone.

TouchWiz 4.0 really has matured and become much more useful and better to use than last year’s version and with Google’s recent announcement that Android handsets will be updated for 18 months after release, you will stay current if you purchase this handset. Especially, when Google releases Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung updates the Galaxy S II to this tasty treat.

It is truly the best smartphone that I have ever used. The hardware and software comes together in harmony and produces a fast, easy and productive handset that is an absolute joy to use. If you have any doubts whatsoever about buying this handset, forget them.  You will not be disappointed.

We don’t have a rating system here but if we did, it would get a 10/10 with no questions asked. It really is that good!


Head on over to Clove for pricing and of course we will confirm with you when the white version is in stock.


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