By October 14, 2012

Russian LG Nexus review appears online

LG-E960 Nexus 4 Android new 1It would appear that Russian site has managed to somehow get a hold of one and has done a full review of what is now known as the LG Nexus 4.

Unfortunately the entire site is in Russia and so with the help of Google Translate, we are able to read most of this review. The review is of a prototype version of the LG Nexus 4 so the reviewer suffered from some initial problems with the device. The device is 134 × 69,2 × 9,2 mm, weighs 139g making it smaller than the Galaxy Nexus. Other remarks include no pogo pins for accessories, there is a multi-colored LED notification, micro SIM slot is on the left side, the back completely smooth and glossy, and the sides of the device are made from a matte black rubberized plastic. Most of this could be speculation from the rumour mill and unconfirmed pictures.

Other interesting facts come in the form of 8GB of storage which seems low for a Nexus device but then again, it is a prototype. The screen is 4.7" running at 1280×720 resolution with it’s IPS display. The camera is apparently an 8MP one instead of the 13MP camera the Optimus G came with. Stating also there is the 1.5GHz quad-core S4 chipset from Qualcomm, teamed up with an Adreno 320. Lastly, The LG Nexus 4 is rumored to come without LTE and, according to Droid-Life, will sport a $399 price tag when it arrives on Google Play.

A site looking for hits or a sneaky slip, there is enough of a spec upgrade to raise anyone eyebrow.

LG-E960 Nexus 4 Android new 2

LG-E960 Nexus 4 Android new 3

LG-E960 Nexus 4 Android new 4


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