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Rolando for iPhone – review

Let’s face it: computer games are fun and iPhone and iPod touch are very well suited for mobile gaming, even though they don’t have gaming controls like Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Since games are so much fun, we decided that we will cover games for iPhone and iPod touch to a bigger extend than previously.

Here we are reviewing Rolando for iPhone made by iPhone-specialized game maker ng-moco – a company that received several million of venture capital and that has been promoting heavily also by Apple itself (the best promotion anybody can get!):

Rolando is a platform game where you are rolling Rolandos from the beginning of given level to the end (exit). Before you start playing you can see nice 3D-like board:

Here is how the platforms look like and note that you can move Rolandos by tilting the device and you can ask them to jump by moving your finger and one can even select more than one Rolando at once:

Here is how the exit looks like:

… and if you lose too many Rolandos then you cannot pass the level:

Sometimes you have to roll several Rolandos to end given level:

… and there are also secret levels that you can unlock:

The background music can be annoying at times, so you can control it here:

Conclusion: ng-moco company is incredibly overhyped and we were expecting more from this game but still it is a nice to play platform game if you are into this kind of games. It has plenty of levels and Rolandos are making rather funny (but sometimes patronizing) comments so you can have long play time through all the many levels. Of course state of the game is saved so you can resume playing at lastly played level and thus if you have even small bits of time to kill, this game may fill it nicely. Rolando uses flat simple coloring and it makes it cartoonish and this game is not realistic at all, but it may be also a part of its charm. Since Rolando 2 is coming soon, it was worth taking a look at one of biggest classics for iPhone!

Thanks to Joel Ivory Johnson for the code so that we could test this game for free!

Get it here:

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