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RIM show off more of BlackBerry 10 ay BlackBerry Jam Americas


BlackBerry®Jam Americas 2012, formerly the BlackBerry Developer Conference, has kicked off on September 25 in San Jose, California.  The conference is a showcase for the bold, new direction BlackBerry is heading with the upcoming BlackBerry® 10 platform. The flow of ideas, passion for the platform, and drive to succeed is in full display at the conference.

During his keynote, Thorsten Heins, Chief Executive Officer at Research In Motion (RIM), clearly demonstrated that the company is delivering on its vision for BlackBerry 10 to a global audience of partners and developers.  More sneak peeks of BlackBerry 10 were also shared.

BlackBerry 10 is designed to make users more productive and more efficient.  With Flow, which is at the core of BlackBerry 10, home buttons are gone and there is no need to exit an app to open a new one.  Users can move easily from task to task, and check in on their conversations, wherever they may be. With BlackBerry 10, RIM is expanding its leadership in communications, NFC, mobile social media, as well as collaboration in the enterprise.

You may want to check out the video below where Vivek Bhardwaj of the BlackBerry 10 product team shows off a few new features of the OS. It’s impressive stuff.



Take RIM’s position in social communications as an example. BlackBerry Messenger, a platform used by 60 million people, is going to grow and flourish with BlackBerry 10.  There are also over 60 million BlackBerry users on Facebook® and tens of millions using other social platforms.  BlackBerry 10 will bring all these conversations together in the BlackBerry Hub, which allows users to easily move from conversation to conversation with the swipe of one finger.

With BlackBerry® Balance, BlackBerry 10 smartphones will enhance the way users interact with mobile devices, and solve the dilemma of work and personal use on a single device. Users can rapidly switch between work and personal spaces on BlackBerry 10 smartphones with just a swipe and a tap.

Heins closed by reflecting on the company’s commitment and strength in mobile computing moving forward. “We must understand how the decade ahead will see changes in the way we live and work that are no less significant than the changes we saw in the last decade. No one will argue that the changes in communications over the past decade were in large part because of BlackBerry,” he said. “.We are convinced this platform will shape the next 10 years as profoundly and as positively as BlackBerry shaped the last decade.  To do that, we are listening.  We are focused.  We are excited about our future.  We are fighting.  Join us.”

No doubt, the energy in this speech and in the room sets the tone for BlackBerry moving forward. Attendees were pumped up and excited about the future.


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