By July 8, 2011

RIM are not struggling on this side of the pond.

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Despite sales of BlackBerry Smartphones being on the decline in North America it is encouraging for us BlackBerry fans to see that in Europe, the Middle East and Africa things are going the other way. The below statement was tweeted by Research in Motion the other day and it looks like they are pretty proud of themselves.

“BlackBerry continues momentum across EMEA with 1 Million+ new subscribers added in less than 3 weeks,”

I am seeing negative articles daily across the web and this just goes to show that although our friends over in America are ditching BlackBerry for the likes of Android and iOS, RIM are still generating new customers. With 13.2 million BlackBerry Smartphones being shipped in the last quarter RIM are far from doomed. Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that the devices they are producing are lagging behind the competition and the sooner they can show us a Smartphone running QNX the better. Until then I shall still be carrying my trusty BlackBerry.


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