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Review: SplashPhoto for iPhone

SplashPhoto has been available for several other platforms before SplashData released it for iPhone, so we were excited to get an app that would allow us to upload photos to FlickR.

When we started it for the first time, the annoying message about getting location appears:

… and this message appears 2 times what is double-annoying:

Fortunately setting “Geotagging” to “Off” helped and this message no longer appeared:

Unfortunately this message was appearing from time to time:

… but it may be iPhone to blame and not SplashData because apparently Mobile Safari is running in background even when you closed it and using apps for memory management helps to see the situation and free memory to avoid such warnings.

So now we wanted to do simple thing: take a photo (here: the best drink in the known universe):

… and then upload it to the FlickR. When trying to upload it to FlickR we had to enter our credentials:

… and after entering password and confirming the access:

… we were able to upload to FlickR. However there was no real display of upload progress only a number “1” appeared:

… that changed to “0” once the photo was uploaded:

Unfortunately the photo taken with SplashPhoto and uploaded to FlickR was of low resolution – 320×480 – so we now tried to use a photo from camera roll (i.e. photo taken with standard camera application that takes photos of resolution 1600×1200 = 2 megapixel):

Here is the picker for the camera roll:

However after this operation and after using a photo of original resolution of 1600×1200, after upload to FlickR the photo still was only 320×480. In other words: SplashPhoto fails miserably in its basic function.

One can also use PC sync software:

… but we couldn’t be bothered because sync should work directly to servers of FlickR without PC. However if you want to move photos around you might interesting in using this software. It is available for Mac and for PC.

All in all this app allows for fetching photos from FlickR (Yahoo) and Picasa (Google) and also has Slideshow function:

… but the problems with resolution of uploaded photos – make this program unusable. Once the problem with resolution will be resolved, we might be interested in this app. We will keep this app and wait for the upgrade and once the upgrade with resolution of this issue will be provided, we will update this review.

Get it here

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