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Review Qstik EVOQ Bluetooth DSP Headset

image We don’t review many accessories at Mobile Tech Addicts so when Mobile Fun got in touch with us to ask if we wanted to take a look at a Bluetooth headset we jumped at the chance.

They sent us a rather interesting headset, the Qstik EVOQ which is quite large by today’s standards but there are reasons for this, read on for the full review.

What’s in the box

  • A noise cancellation Bluetooth headset
  • A stereo headset
  • Mains charger

We tested the Bluetooth headset using the latest iPhone 3GS and pairing was a very straight forward experience with the usual 4 digit pincode and job done.

I used the headset for a week in the car and did not have any issues with it pairing, taking calls or making calls and the overall impression of the voice quality at both ends was excellent. A negative would be the size and weight of the headset when it is hanging on your ear, it became a little uncomfortable after prolonged usage.

This leads us nicely to the best part of this headset, it also comes with a wired pair of stereo headphones that plug into the headset. With these plugged in you now have a stereo headset and full A2DP capabilities.


Testing these again with the iPhone gave pretty good results listening to music and podcasts, don’t expect sound quality of the highest standard, wired headphones are still way out in front here, but for casual listening when in the gym, out for a run or anywhere that would benefit from being wire free these are perfect.

I got the best use of this with my TV, I also have a Bluetooth A2DP transmitter which I paired with the headset and plugged into the 3.5mm output from my TV, I could then watch TV with high volume without disturbing anyone else in the house, a great solution.

Charging the headset is easy, it comes with its own dock that the headset just drops into and charges, really simple and a very nice solution.



Well made

Great sound quality

Flexible, mono or stereo headset

Easy charging

Great battery life



Large as an ear hanging headset

Can only use the supplied stereo headset

The headset is available from Mobile Fun now at an amazing price of £11.95 you really can’t go wrong at that price for a headset that does all this.

Please check out Mobile Fun for loads of great deals on accessories and phones.

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