By June 6, 2009

Review: World Cup Ping Pong Lite for iPhone

Here we are reviewing free version of Ping Pong game for iPhone made by Skyworks – a company established and run by people who established Acitivison. Skyworks is making games with huge attention to detail and maximal realism of playback.

While in real life table tennis (aka “ping pong”) does not require any super-fitness or big muscles, it has one distinctive feature: extremely fast play! Within one second there could be several exchanges!

Such super fast game as ping pong is not possible to play on resistive displays, but capacitive display of iPhone and iPod touch makes it possible. You can play ping pong at such big pace that for some people it might be even impossible to follow!

Here is how this game looks like:

… and it is free version of this game, so it is not impossible to beat the adversary, i.e. computer, i.e. iPhone or iPod touch:

Best scores table looks like a local one, but maybe it is good for your ego not to know how good others in the world are:

Here are some features available in full version:

Commentary: this ping pong game from Skyworks shows that super-fast gaming becomes possible thanks to capacitive display. If you like super-fast gaming, and if you would prefer to play sports instead of shooting aliens or baddies, then one of sport games is for you. You can also check some other games, but our general advice is: try first LITE (free) version to see if given game suits your interest. Some sport games that are very overhyped, when we tried them, in reality appeared to be very boring.

One is for sure: capacitive display combined with hardware-accelerated graphics made it possible to get ultra-fast games. Games so fast that in one second you can perform several actions! That’s the real speed!

Get it here (FREE).

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