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Review: iVideocamera for iPhone – video recording for iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G

Few weeks ago Apple has opened the floodgates and, all of a sudden, started approving apps that allow for video recording also on iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G phones – a feature until recently possibly only on iPhone 3GS. As side effect of this opening, many apps were created that allow for video recording with special effects also on iPhone 3GS…

While there are many apps that allow for video recording on iPhones older than 3GS, some of them even free, here we are reviewing the first app, which had managed to get through the floodgates and that was the one that benefited financially the most from this opening: iVideocamera:

After completion of recording of given video, you have the following options:

Of course exporting to camera roll seems to be the most natural one, and then also video editing (clipping) is possible – just like in iPhone 3GS, but the problem is that many video editing apps don’t see such videos, i.e. videos placed in camera roll by iVideocamera.

Other option is “share video” where you can upload your video recording to one of many video services:

You can also enable WiFi sharing, and then you can download your videos to your PC or Mac, via browser, what is possible inside of the “Library” part of the app:

Obviously quality of videos is not on par with videos made with iPhone 3GS, but you can get frame rates like 15 frames per second that might be sufficient. With iVideocamera also doing videos in landscape mode is possible. What we are missing are various special effects (like black and white, etc.) that can be found in other apps. Ability to upload video recording to so many services is a plus.

While we cannot unconditionally recommend iVideocamera app as now there are plenty such apps, some of them with additional video effects, this was the first app in this category – enabling video recording on old iPhones – so it deserves a try.

Get it here (price: $0.99):

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