By July 5, 2013

Retro Tech Addicts Podcast -5: Golden Master

RTA Logo 1Gareth and Matt enjoy a warm and fuzzy recollection of days gone by in this the latest installment of the Retro Tech Addicts podcast.

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This day in the past
First mass produced computer went on sale

Sony Walkman arrived

The iPhone went on sale

Most coveted phone?
Matt: HTC Monet
Gareth: Sony Ericsson Z1010


Catching up with the podcasts. Liking an old computer podcast from the UK. One of you gave of Amstrads in your collection. Can I ask where you got the 664 from and what games you have for the GX4000. Do you think Chase HQ II exists? Love the show.


Hello. I loved your bit on the Arcade machine that you built yourself. I want to make my own, can you give me any tips?

Love the show!


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Email us: [email protected]  Tel: 0208 123 3757

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Music by James Everett

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