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Research from Protect your bubble shows that Dance fans are most at risk of losing their mobile at festivals this year

protect_your_bubble, the gadget insurance specialist, has found that 1 in 4 festival goers will lose something. Dance fans are the worst with over one in 10 losing their mobile at a festival (12%), despite 43% owning an expensive iPhone. polled Wireless Festival goers, quizzing music fans of the different genres to find out how likely they are to lose their phone and other items. Hip Hop fans, though losing their mobiles slightly less (9%), place themselves at the most risk, with 29% bringing along BlackBerry’s and over 70% admitting to not having any mobile phone insurance cover at all. 84% of the group also confessed to drinking over 7 pints of lager at a festival, placing their gadgets in even bigger danger. Twice as many gadgets are lost from ‘drunken incidents’ (56%) than through being stolen (21%) or dropped (12%).

Pimms-drinking Pop fans are the most likely to look after their gadgets with them half as likely to have their phone stolen and one in three (35 per cent) having specific mobile phone insurance cover. They also bring the least money with most (61%) bringing under £40 to a festival compared to Dance fans who flash the cash with 15% spending well over £80 on the day. On average people spend £54.65 at a festival.

Rock fans are the most loyal fans with 32% travelling over 100 miles for the day. They are also the most likely to leave their iPhone at home with 29% bringing cheap ‘dumb phones’ to a festival with them. They are the most likely to lose other items at a festival though, with 8% losing their shoes and 5% losing their girlfriend or boyfriend.


Stephen Ebbett, Director,, comments: “Our research shows the difference between the type of music people like, and the care they take of their gadgets. Fans of David Ghetta and the Chemical Brothers are the most likely to own an iPhone, but also the most careless at losing the gadget. While fans of Plan B and Tinie Tempah drink the most and have the least insurance protection. Fans of Pulp and Ke$ha clearly take better care of their gadgets with their chances of their mobile getting lost or stolen nearly half that of other fans. With gadget insurance often costing less than a pint, Dance and Hip-Hop fans in particular should consider taking out insurance at”

The research also found that:

  • The average age of a festival goer at Wireless is 25 and 2 months
  • The average distance travelled to the festival is 31.1 miles
  • Biggest use of a phone at a festival is text with 50% using their mobile for this
  • Pop fans are the most likely to use Facebook (24 per cent) at a festival with double using the site at a festival compared to Rock fans (11%)
  • Facebook usage was twice as popular as Twitter. Just 1% of Hip Hop fans would use Twitter, while 9% of Rock fans use this social network
  • Pop fans are nearly 3 times as likely than Hip Hop fans to take their camera along
  • Dance fans carry the most cash with them (15 per cent carrying over £100)
  • 5% of those who have lost something at a festival admit to losing their virginity at one

Festival season continues for another two months and, with Dance and Hip Hop festival The Big Chill weeks away, fans are recommended to be more careful than ever. provides camera insurance policies from £1.49 a month, iPhone insurance from £5.99 a month and laptop insurance from just £3.99 a month.


Screen shot 2011-07-08 at 12.27.13

80% of Pulp fans on the Sunday said they were common people compared to just 20% who claimed to be posh!

Head on over to protectyourbubble for a quote to insure your phone of gadgets.


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