By November 26, 2009

Resco Release their First Gadget for Windows 7


Resco, a supplier of Windows phone applications, releases today Resco Send SMS gadget, a desktop extension of Resco Contact Manager 2nd Edition supported by Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

This simple application allows you to easily send SMS via desktop computer while having your mobile device connected to the PC. Handling is easy and comfortable. After the gadget installation, it is embedded in the desktop’s gadget bar. Then, by connecting a device to the PC, all contacts are loaded via “refresh” button. The SMS sending is as simple as picking up one or more recipients, typing the text and pressing „Send SMS“.


“Microsoft is pleased with the seamless integration of Resco Send SMS gadget with the Microsoft Windows 7 interface,” said Peter Jirsák, Windows Client business group lead. “One of the most used function of Windows phone — text messaging — is now easily accessible directly from the Windows 7 powered PC.”

Resco Send SMS gadget is a valuable addition in communication between your device and desktop, which can save you much time. Besides the fact that typing on the PC is much faster than typing on the mobile device, pasting texts from clipboard can be very helpful when sending important texts stored on the desktop via SMS.

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