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Resco Keyboard PRO 6.00 Released


Resco, a supplier of Windows Mobile end user applications, releases a new version of the Resco Keyboard PRO, a highly popular application that is removing all the limits of standard built-in keyboard. The new version gets even further. Plenty of minor and major improvements increase the level of comfort and once again provides much more user experience to a simple but crucial everyday activity as entering texts.

New features include brand new navigation layout, which how the name indicates serves for better navigation in larger texts with more paragraphs. Besides that, the layout contains copy, cut, paste, delete and select all buttons helpful in case you want to make quick one click operations with the already typed phrases. Earlier known Fx layout, which allows to insert frequently used phrases to the text, has been enriched with a simple method of adding new phrases to the list.

Resco has also improved the QWERTY layout and added a second symbol layout available from the original symbol/numerical layout. Minor improvements can be observed in the calculator. The language support has also been improved. Users may now access the unique language letters by simply holding the stylus above the original ones. The available letters are automatically displayed above.

Besides the mentioned changes, Resco introduces the support for .net developers and OEM partners. The developers may use Resco Keyboard Pro directly in their .net projects; they will be able to adjust the design fully or partially to their concepts and requirements.

“Resco Keyboard PRO is a great advanced keyboard for Windows phone users” said Paul Willen, Sr. news & review editor from MobilityMinded. ”The multiscreen design of Resco Keyboard PRO is practical, easy to use and understand.”

Since version 5.0 Resco Keyboard PRO has literally been a handy multi-skin and according to statistics the most popular keyboard application for Windows Mobile devices. It supports more than 20 language layouts with option to use 2 languages simultaneously. The application was designed on the strengths of the touch technology, which is natural, comfortable, and trendy.

Changes and New Features in Resco Keyboard PRO 6.00

  • New Navigation Layout — the layout helps to navigate in larger texts and contains buttons such as copy, cut, paste, delete and select all
  • Improved Fx Layout — new easier method of adding new phrases to the list
  • Improved QWERTY Layout — secondary symbols and national characters are available after holding the original letter
  • New Symbol Layout — new set of frequently used symbols
  • Improved Language Support — each language is represented as a standalone keyboard (up to 4 different languages at a time)
  • Touch Friendly Layout Switching
  • Keyboard Settings are Available from the Start Menu
  • Support for .net Developers and OEM Partners — developers may fully modify the keyboard design and use it in their .net projects
  • Minor Improvements in the Calculator

KeyboardPro_2 KeyboardPro_1 KeyboardPro_3


          Resco Keyboard PRO 7-days trial can be found at:

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