By January 13, 2009

Resco Backup v2 for PocketPC released

I’ve been using Resco Backup for a while now and was pleased to learn that Version 2 had just been released. As I swap between devices on a very regular basis, having the ability to back everything up quickly and easily is great. What’s more, being able to put that backup on a memory card and then move between devices is extremely handy!


When using mobile devices, data loss is inevitable: operating systems can crash; devices can break down, get lost or be stolen. In most cases, the value of the device is small compared to the value of the data on it – think how you would feel if you lost your calendar, your contact database and irreplaceable pictures of your friends and family…

So far, backup programs were limited to protecting you from system crashes and operating / programming errors by keeping multiple copies of your data on an external memory card. When that card is lost, your data is gone – which leaves you with a single point of failure.

Backup version 2.0 is among the few backup programs which can save your PocketPC’s data from both crashes and theft / hardware damage. Our Palm OS experience has taught us that the safest place for your data is off the device – which is why Resco Backup 2.0 allows you to move your data to a remote FTP server automatically.

But what happens to your data while your device is lost? Resco Backup is the only program which has an answer to this question: we have a desktop tool which allows you to use your data without accessing your device!

Look up contacts, read your SMS or extract files – even if your device is out of reach!

Power users will be happy about our Registry Diff tool: if your PocketPC has crashed after installing an app, find out what evil deeds it committed!

Cutting a long story short: if you want to keep your data safe, installing Resco Backup 2.0 should be your #1 priority! A free trial version can be downloaded from Resco’s web site ( – the full version costs 19.95$ and is available at Handango’s exclusively (MobiHand release will follow in the near future)!


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